16. The area that the primary center for speech production

Question : 16. The area that the primary center for speech production : 2096027

16. The area that is the primary center for speech production is

a. Broca's area.

b. the speech cortex.

c. Wernicke's area.

d. mirror neurons.

17. Throughout our life, our receptive language

a. always trails our expressive language.

b. always precedes our expressive language.

c. develops in parallel with expressive language.

d. usually trails expressive language, but rarely might precede it.

18. The recognition of the emotion in someone’s words are controlled by

a. the right hemisphere of the brain.

b. Wernicke’s area in the brain.

c. Broca’s area in the brain.

d. the temporal lobe in the brain.

19. Infants have a preference at birth for

a. male voices over female voices.

b. musical sounds over the human voice.

c. the sounds of the language that their mother speaks.

d. sounds that different from sounds they have heard before.

20. Parents can differentiate the __________ of their infant's cries.

a. meaning and intention

b. severity and intensity

c. tone and cadence

d. purpose and frequency



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