16) Recent studies suggest that the expression pattern of a set of human

Question : 16) Recent studies suggest that the expression pattern of a set of human : 2134342

16) Recent studies suggest that the expression pattern of a set of human _______ in cancer samples defines that cancer type better than microarray expression data from a set of 16,000 mRNAs.

A. snRNAs

B. snoRNAs

C. miRNAs

D. rRNAs

17) The “Philadelphia chromosome” is a reciprocal translocation of chromosome 9 to 22, which causes chronic myelogenous leukemia. The chromosomal translocation fuses the genes encoding the tyrosine kinase ABL and BCR, an activator of ABL. The drug Gleevac has been shown to be effective in Phase II clinical trials. The drug works by:

A. dephosphorylating ABL substrates

B. blocking the active site of the ABL tyrosine kinase so that ATP cannot bind

C. binding to BCR in a way that inhibits its ability to activate ABL

D. degrading the ABL-BCR fusion protein

18) Possible outcomes of DNA tumor virus infection are

A. lysis, cell death, and release of progeny viruses in permissive cells.

B. transformation of nonpermissive cells.

C. interaction between viral-encoded proteins and host cell proteins that inhibit their normal tumor suppressor function.

D. all of the above

19) Tumor viruses can cause cancer by

A. encoding an oncogene

B. activating proto-oncogenes

C. activating retinoblastoma protein

D. A and B

20) Which statement is not true about retroviruses (RNA tumor viruses).

A. Study of the oncogenes carried by retroviruses has led to major advances in

understanding of the molecular basis of cancer.

B. Most human cancers are the result of a retroviral infection.

C. When a retrovirus infects a cell, its RNA genome is converted to DNA by the viral-encoded reverse transcriptase.

D. Occasionally retroviruses acquire a gene from the host that is normally involved in cellular growth control.

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