15.According to the hypothesis that there two visual systems for

Question : 15.According to the hypothesis that there two visual systems for : 2106765

15.According to the hypothesis that there are two visual systems for the control of movement, the visual system that processes visual information in peripheral vision is called the:

A. Static visual channel

B. Kinetic visual channel

C. Feedback visual channel

D. Foveal visual channel

16.If you want to rapidly move the cursor on your computer screen to an icon, when during the movement of the cursor would you shift your visual point of gaze to the icon?

A. As soon as you initiate the cursor movement

B. Just after you initiate the cursor movement

C. Just before the cursor reaches the icon

D. At the same time as you reach the icon

17.Although researchers have reported various findings, the most reasonable estimate of the amount of time required for visual feedback to enable a movement correction during the performance of a simple manual aiming task is:

A. Between 100 and 160 msec

B. Between 500 and 560 msec

C. More than 1000 msec

D. No time is required; corrections are instantaneous

18.When you walk across a street, the optical variable tau influences the initiation of your leg movement to step up onto the curb on the basis of the:

A. Distance you are from the curb

B. Amount of time remaining to contact the curb

C. Height of the curb

D. Width of the street



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