151. Bob has been under a physician’s care for bipolar

Question : 151. Bob has been under a physician’s care for bipolar : 1993245

151. Bob has been under a physician’s care for bipolar disorder. Bob’s doctor is most likely to prescribe which of the following to treat Bob’s disorder?

a. Ritalin

b. tricyclics

Incorrect. Tricyclics are used to treat depression.

c. lithium

Correct. Lithium is used in treating bipolar disorder.

d. Prozac

e. Xanax

152. Alice takes lithium to control symptoms of her mental disorder.  Alice is most likely suffering from

a. schizophrenia.

Incorrect.  Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorder.

b. bipolar disorder.

Correct.  Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorder.

c. social phobia.

d. generalized anxiety disorder.

e. major depressive disorder.

153. In high concentrations, this drug is toxic. In the right concentration, it acts as a mood stabilizer.

a. Clozaril

b. Lamictal

c. lithium

d. Depakote

e. Haldol

154. A serious side effect of lithium treatment is related to

a. toxicity from high blood levels of lithium.

b. gastric distress.

c. a complaints of halitosis.

d. the development of severe depression.

e. a worsening of manic episodes.

155. Originally developed to treat epilepsy, this drug seems to be more effective than lithium for most patients with bipolar disorder but with fewer side effects.

a. Clozaril

b. Lamictal

c. Ativan

d. Depakote

e. Haldol

156. Haldol is to “major tranquilizers” as ________ is to “minor tranquilizers.”

a. barbiturates

Incorrect. Barbiturates are antianxiety medications, but are not minor tranquilizers.

b. ethanol

c. benzodiazepines

Correct. This is correct, as benzodiazepines are sometimes referred to as minor tranquilizers and they have antianxiety properties.

d. Prozac

e. Midol

157. What type of drugs are the traditional antianxiety drugs, or minor tranquilizers, such as Valium?

a. tricyclics

b. lithium family

c. chlorpromazines

d. benzodiazepines

e. barbiturates

158. A physician prescribes a benzodiazepine drug to help alleviate your anxiety. Which drug might you be taking?

a. Xanax

Correct. Xanax is a benzodiazepine.

b. Prozac

Incorrect. Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, not a benzodiazepine.

c. Elavil

d. Thorazine

e. Olanzapine

159. Benzodiazepine drugs ________ by ________.

a. increase anxiety; by promoting the release of serotonin in brain

b. reduce anxiety; enhancing the inhibitory effects of GABA

c. treat phobias; sedating the person

d. treat alcoholism; creating feelings of euphoria

e. promote sleep; increasing nervous system activity

160. ________ are the most commonly prescribed antianxiety medications.

a. Prozac and clozapine

b. Haldol and lithium

c. Thorazine and MAO inhibitors

d. Elavil and tricyclics.

e. Barbiturates and benzodiazepines

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