15. The following list describes what type of display surface?

Question : 15. The following list describes what type of display surface? : 2028812

15. The following list describes what type of display surface? o User can access multiple screens or frames o               User can capture notes o               User can surf the Web

A.Bulletin board

B.LCD projector

C.Interactive whiteboards

D.Document camera

16. Which of the following is NOT typically a purpose for a bulletin board?





17. Learning centers are NOT designed for

A.Individual students

B.Pairs of students

C.Groups of three

D.The teacher

18. The media that requires the most learner participation is

A.Multimedia software

B.Word processing software


D.Audio CD

19. Mr. Gregory is teaching his 3rd grade class about biomes.  He has collected various photographs, 3D landforms, animal replications, and educational posters about specific ecology.  In the classroom, Mr. Gregory will display the various objects and visuals according to major ecological community.  What is the type of educational exhibit that Mr. Gregory can create with the objects and visuals?

A.None, it is best to share such objects one at a time.

B.A field trip

C.A display

D.A diorama

20. A collection of teaching and learning materials involving more than one type of medium and organized around a single topic.

A.Website development software

B.Video kits

C.Multimedia kits


21. Multimedia is likely to

A.Require learners to make their own decisions

B.Incorporate still images

C.Provide structured feedback for each given response

D.Focus on drill

22. Multimedia is the correct choice for instruction if learners need to

A.Review for an upcoming exam

B.Practice their writing skills

C.Interact with virtual or visual manipulatives

D.Participate in drill-and-practice

23. Limitations of interactive multimedia include all of the following EXCEPT A.  Cost


C.Storage of materials


24. Multimedia use should promote all of the following EXCEPT

A.Problem solving



D.Audio fatigue

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