141.is the name given to the set of techniques by

Question : 141.is the name given to the set of techniques by : 1402271


141.is the name given to the set of techniques by which reinforcement theory is used to modify human behavior.

142.The assumption that positively reinforced behavior tends to be repeated is the basis for the     .

143.is defined as anything that causes a certain behavior to be repeated or inhibited.

144.is the removal of an unpleasant consequence following a desired behavior.

145.is the application of motivational theories to the structure of work for improving productivity and satisfaction.

146.systematically moves employees from one job to another, thereby increasing the number of different tasks an employee performs without increasing the complexity of any one job.

147.combines a series of tasks into one new, broader job.

148.incorporates high-level motivators into the work, including job responsibility, recognition, and opportunities for growth, learning, and achievement.

149.is defined as the altering of jobs to increase both the quality of employees' work experience and their productivity.

150.is the degree to which the worker has freedom, discretion, and self-determination in planning and carrying out tasks.



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