141) The suffix -ary means ____________. A) a process; being or

Question : 141) The suffix -ary means ____________. A) a process; being or : 1979027

141) The suffix -ary means ____________.

A) a process; being or having

B) condition

C) pertaining to

D) state of

142) The suffix -ole means ____________.

A) condition

B) large

C) pertaining to

D) small thing

143) In the medical word bronchospasm, the suffix means ____________.

A) asthma

B) quick, jerking motion

C) sudden, involuntary muscle contraction

D) infection

144) A patient diagnosed with bronchitis has an inflammation of the ____________.

A) alveoli

B) bronchi

C) chest

D) lungs

145) The medical language definition of the bronchiectasis is ____________ of the bronchi.

A) condition of dilation

B) abnormal condition

C) inflammation of and infection of

D) swelling of

146) The medical language definition of atelectasis is condition of dilation that is ____________.

A) black

B) incomplete

C) infected

D) from asthma

147) In the medical word obstructive, as used in COPD, the combining form obstruct/o- means ____________.

A) blocked by a barrier

B) congestion

C) to stop the flow of

D) without movement

148) All of the following are types of lung cancer except:

A) large cell carcinoma

B) adenocarcinoma

C) oat cell carcinoma

D) pneumonoconiosis

149) Both of the combining forms py/o- and purul/o- mean ____________.

A) bacteria

B) infection

C) pus

D) virus

150) In the medical word pneumophilia, the combining form phil/o- means ____________.

A) air; lung; breath

B) attraction to; fondness of

C) drug; medication

D) disease; suffering

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