141. In the context of the endocrine system, which of

Question : 141. In the context of the endocrine system, which of : 1411875


141. In the context of the endocrine system, which of the following neurotransmitters is secreted by the adrenal glands?

A. Epinephrine

B. Serotonin

C. Dopamine

D. Acetylcholine

142. Wanda has a particular type of diabetes that requires her to inject herself with insulin every few hours. In the context of the endocrine system, which gland is most likely responsible for Wanda’s diabetes?

A. Adrenal gland

B. Pituitary gland

C. Pancreas

D. Gonads

143. In the context of the human brain’s plasticity, research has found which of the following brain regions to be responsible for neurogenesis?

A. Amygdala

B. Hippocampus

C. Cerebellum

D. Medulla

144. In the context of brain tissue implants, what is unique about stem cells?

A. They survive for extended periods outside of the body.

B. They can develop into most types of human cells.

C. They are not susceptible to the effects of plasticity.

D. They transfer genetic information into human cells.

145. The field of _____ involves the manipulation of genes using technology to determine their effect on behavior.

A. polygenic inheritance

B. molecular genetics

C. selective breeding

D. eugenics

146. In the context of genetics, the technique of selective breeding:

A. is used to choose organisms for reproduction based on how much of a particular trait they display.

B. is used primarily to study the influence of the degree of heredity on behavior.

C. is used primarily to identify genetic variations linked to a particular disease.

D. is used to identify the location of certain genes by referring to those genes whose position is already known.

147. In the context of genes and the environment, an individual’s phenotype refers to his or her _____.

A. biological code

B. genetic material

C. social environment

D. observable characteristics

148. Molly’s natural hair color is brown but she dyes it blonde. In the context of genes and the environment, Molly has changed her _____.

A. phenotype

B. genotype

C. genetic code

D. phylogeny

149. Which of the following scenarios accurately illustrates acute stress?

A. Jenny has to take care of her mother who is suffering from dementia.

B. Robert has to work hard to make ends meet.

C. Edward has to rush to the hospital to perform heart surgery.

D. Melvin, a paraplegic, has to cope with demands of daily living.

150. Which of the following is true of chronic stress in human beings?

A. It is temporary.

B. It may lead to persistent autonomic nervous system arousal.

C. It involves excessive activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

D. It is adaptive.



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