141. A person who tries to quit smoking by using

Question : 141. A person who tries to quit smoking by using : 1411833


141. A person who tries to quit smoking by using the “cold turkey” approach is:

A. pairing unpleasant consequences with an undesirable behavior.

B. taking antipsychotic drugs.

C. stopping smoking without making any major lifestyle changes.

D. using nicotine substitutes.

142. Lighter smokers usually have more success with the _____ than heavier smokers.

A. psychotherapy intervention approach

B. use of medications

C. going cold turkey approach

D. use of the nicotine patch

143. Using substitute source of nicotine to quit smoking works by:

A. using a different substance that tastes like nicotine.

B. consuming large amounts of nicotine so that the body rejects it.

C. supplying small amounts of nicotine to diminish the intensity of withdrawal.

D. seeking professional help, including psychotherapy, medications, and a combination of both.

144. Sarah is a chain smoker and she wants to quit smoking by using a substitute source. Which of the following is Sarah likely to do in order to quit smoking?

A. She is likely to use lysergic acid diethylamide.

B. She is likely to use a nicotine inhaler.

C. She is likely to use Valium or Xanax.

D. She is likely to use a barbiturate.

145. Which of the following approaches to quit smoking is Sharon implementing by using a nicotine patch?

A. Psychotherapy

B. Going cold turkey

C. Seeking professional help

D. Using a substitute source

146. Seeking therapeutic help as a method to quit smoking includes:

A. using nicotine patches and nicotine gum.

B. quitting smoking without making major life changes.

C. consuming small quantities of nicotine regularly.

D. interventions such as psychotherapy and medications.

147. Which of the following statements is true of approaches used to quit smoking?

A. Using a substitute source of nicotine involves supplying large quantities of nicotine through nicotine sprays.

B. Going cold turkey refers to using nicotine patches and nicotine inhalers.

C. A combination of the approaches is not a good way to quit smoking.

D. No one method of quitting smoking is foolproof.

148. Yolanda is planning to go cold turkey to quit smoking. This means that she is:

A. thinking about quitting her habit within one year.

B. slowly reducing the number of cigarettes every day.

C. opting for alcoholic drinks instead of cigarettes.

D. going to simply stopping smoking.

149. Twenty-year-old Mariah has been smoking since she was 15 and wants to quit. While no method is foolproof, the most successful avenue for breaking the addiction is:

A. nicotine replacement.

B. counseling therapy.

C. behavioral strategies.

D. a combination of methods.

150. Which of the following statements is true of human beings?

A. Visual systems vary from one person to another.

B. Perception of things is similar in all human beings.

C. Placing an event in the framework of human life is very simple.

D. A human being is both a physical entity and a system of mental processes.



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