14) Which of the following are considered critical noise factors

Question : 14) Which of the following are considered critical noise factors : 2135466

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

14) Which of the following are considered critical noise factors?

A) Vibration, impulsivity, and band width

B) Level, frequency, duration, and distribution

C) Neither A nor B

D) Both A and B

15) Which of the following is NOT a requirement for hearing conservation in 29 CFR 1910.95?

A) Daily program monitoring

B) Personal hearing protection devices

C) Engineering and administrative controls

D) Audiometric evaluation

16) Which of the following is considered an engineering and administrative control?

A) Reduction of reverberation

B) Audiometric evaluation

C) Determining whether hazards to hearing exist

D) None of the above

17) For maximum protection of employees, audiograms should be performed when?

A) Pre-employment

B) At termination of employment

C) Prior to being assigned to a noisy job

D) All of the above

18) Identifying and assessing hazardous noise conditions in the workplace involves which of the following?

A) Exchange rate

B) Attenuation

C) Hearing threshold level

D) Conducting periodic noise surveys

19) The use of electronic devices to reduce sound transmission is known as:

A) Noise-induced reduction

B) Active noise reduction

C) Impulsive noise reduction

D) None of the above

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