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Question : 135) McCain, Maple Leaf, and Maytag three companies that innovate

135) McCain, Maple Leaf, and Maytag are three companies that innovate continuously and are stock-gain leaders in their respective industries. Companies that fail to develop new products are putting themselves at risk. Explain why this is true.

136) New products fail at a disturbing rate, even to the best of companies, such as FedEx, RCA, and DuPont. List the reasons why new products can.

137) A Canadian manufacturer understands the importance of continuous innovation and the development of new products but has failed to develop even one successful new product in the last twelve months. What could be hindering its efforts?

138) Allen-Bradley Corporation, a maker of industrial controls, used a cross-functional team to develop a new electrical control device in just two years. Discuss the benefit s of using cross-functional new-product venture teams.

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