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Question : 133. ______________________________ a service whereby data changes automatically transmitted over

133. ______________________________ is a service whereby data changes are automatically transmitted over the Internet on a continuous basis to an off-site server maintained by a third party.

134. With the data replication strategy known as ______________________________ all data changes are data stamped and saved to secondary systems as the changes are happening.

135. The disaster recovery strategy known as a(n) ______________________________ is a fully equipped data center that is made available on a standby basis to client companies for a monthly subscriber's fee.

136. A facility usually comprised of air-conditioned space with a raised floor, telephone connections, and computer ports, into which a subscriber can move equipment, is called a(n) ______________________________.

137. In a(n) ______________________________ a Web site is overwhelmed by an intentional onslaught of thousands of simultaneous messages, making it impossible for the attacked site to engage in its normal activities.

138. ______________________________ identification systems identify authorized personnel through some unique physical trait such as fingers, hands, voice, eyes, face, and writing dynamics.

139. A(n) ______________________________ is a technique to protect one network from another "untrusted" network.

140. The most common biometric devices read ______________________________.

141. In an online environment, ______________________________ ensures that only authorized users gain access to a system through a process of identification (e.g., a unique account number for each user) and authentication.

142. In an online computer environment, the accumulation of access activity and its review by the security officer is also called ______________________________.

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