13.2   True/False Questions Choose "T" if the statement True, or "F"

Question : 13.2   True/False Questions Choose "T" if the statement True, or "F" : 2039777

13.2   True/False Questions

Choose "T" if the statement is True, or "F" if the statement is False.  If the statement is false, rewrite the underlined word or phrase to make the statement true.

1) Powerful typhoons have placed the greatest pressure on the forests of Southeast Asia.

2) In Southeast Asia, hurricanes are known as cyclones.

3) Deforestation in Southeast Asia is driven primarily by demand for plywood and paper pulp.

4) Plantation agriculture is sometimes referred to as "slash and burn".

5) Swidden agriculture depletes soil nutrients after decades of use.

6) Plantation agriculture in Southeast Asia now often focuses on specialty crops like rice or rubber.

7) On mainland Southeast Asia, rubber is the most common crop in the lowlands.

8) Swidden cultivation is sustainable when population densities remain relatively low and stable, and where practitioners of swidden control an adequate amount of land.

9) Southeast Asia is known for its rugged terrain and many islands.

10) Volcanic activity formed the arc of islands that include Sumatra, Java, and the Lesser Sunda Islands.

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