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131.Staff personnel perform functions such as production and sales that contribute directly to the primary goals of the organization.

132.In a line-and-staff organization, staff positions are temporary jobs to train new line managers.

133.While staff personnel have the authority to make policy decisions, line personnel have the authority to advise and make suggestions.

134.An advantage of a line-and-staff organization is that it provides people that advise and assist line managers as they perform their jobs.

135.The matrix organization model brings together experts from different functional units of the firm to work on specific projects.

136.The team experts in a matrix organization remain part of the traditional line-and-staff structure.

137.A matrix organization produces an environment that discourages cooperation and teamwork.

138.Team participants in a matrix organization model may report to two managers at one time.

139.A serious disadvantage of the matrix organization is the temporary nature of the teams.

140.Matrix organizations give managers flexibility in assigning people to projects.



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