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131.Demographic trends suggest that businesses will benefit from offering flexible work schedules, eldercare, and childcare to help employees balance the demands of job and family. 

The increase in the number of single parent families is a powerful demographic trend. Successful organizations will adjust and accommodate these changes in their social environment.




132.The current Social Security system will ensure that the young people of today will have Social Security benefits in the future when they retire. 

The current Social Security system means that today's workers pay for today's retirees. To date this has worked since there are more workers supporting each retiree. However soon, less money will be coming into Social Security than will be going out and there will be a shortfall, suggesting that today's young people will not have Social Security benefits in the future.




133.Xavier, a recent college graduate, is thinking of investing in a home health care business. He believes this will be a profitable venture because of the increasing number of people in the U.S. that will be over 60 in the near future and more likely to need this type of service. This accurately describes a demographic trend that will affect his business choice. 

When scanning the social environment for opportunities and threats, business professionals study demographic changes in their respective markets. Demographic changes can have a significant impact on business choices and career opportunities.




134.Sue is a single mother with two small children. Her employer is considering providing family leave. Since Sue is a single mom with small children, she is unlikely to benefit from this program. 

Family leave allows workers to take time off to attend to a sick child and should be quite beneficial to Sue since she has two small children.




135.Rob is an emergency room nurse at a local hospital in Texas. On a weekly basis, he will serve a number of patients who are not legally U.S. citizens. Many of them are giving birth to babies. Fortunately, Rob speaks enough Spanish to communicate with the patients. Rob is experiencing the realities of the social environment in some states. 

There is a sizeable Spanish speaking population that lives in this state. The social environment in many states and many countries can differ. Both for profit and non-profit companies must adjust to accommodate for changes in the social environment.




136.Globalization has increased among nations. 




137.An important environmental change in the global environment is the growth of international competition. 




138.Improved distribution systems have led to more global trade. 




139.Global trade has suffered because of increased problems with the Internet. 




140.Globalization has greatly increased living standards around the world. 





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