131.A child whose vocabulary dominated by names of objects, actions,

Question : 131.A child whose vocabulary dominated by names of objects, actions, : 1408650



131.A child whose vocabulary is dominated by names of objects, actions, or persons is said to have a(n) ____ style.






132.Two-year-old Sam’s limited vocabulary consists of words like “book,” “dog,” and “hat.” Apparently, Sam

a.has a referential style.c.has an expressive style.

b.is nonsymbolic.d.is unable to use phonemes




133.Jeanne has just learned to talk and often says things like “I want it” or “Come here” or “Where did he go?” Jeanne is exhibiting

a.infant-directed speech.c.a referential style.

b.an expressive style.d.babbling.




134.Which statement by a young child would indicate that she is using an expressive style?

a.“Two plus two equals four.”c.“Let’s play.”

b.“That animal is called a horse.”d.“Baba dada.”




135.Preschoolers who watch the television show Sesame Street have been shown to ____ in kindergarten than children who have not watched the show.

a.be less socialc.have larger vocabularies

b.be more violentd.have less inner speech




136.Which statement by a 17-month-old best represents telegraphic speech?

a.“Go.”c.“I go to the store.”

b.“Go store.”d.“Can we go to the store?”




137.Rather than saying the kitten fell in the bathtub, young Morris says, “Kitty wet,” which leaves Morris’s mother to wonder about the nature of the liquid on or coming out of the cat. This linguistic limitation is known as

a.overextension.c.telegraphic speech.

b.fast-mapping.d.referential style.




138.A grammatical morpheme is a word or word ending that makes a sentence grammatically






139.Which is an example of a grammatical morpheme?






140.Applying rules to a word that is actually an exception to the rule constitutes


b.telegraphic speech.d.cardinality.




141.Which is the best example of overregularization?

a.Saying “horse” instead of “hose”

b.Saying “houses” instead of “homes”

c.Saying “flunked” instead of “failed”

d.Saying “runned” instead of “ran”




142.When discussing the acquisition of grammar, which type of theorist would be most likely to say, “Context and genetics are overrated, what really matters is imitation and reinforcement?”

a.A social-interaction theorist

b.A behaviorist

c.A cognitive theorist

d.A linguistic approach theorist




143.Which evidence provides the strongest support for the “linguistic approach” to grammar acquisition?

a.The fact that nonhuman animals can be easily taught to use language

b.The fact that there is no real “critical period” for language acquisition

c.The fact that the left hemisphere of the brain appears to be critical to linguistic development

d.The fact that bilingual children struggle with grammar




144.Which person’s advice is most consistent with the three key elements of effective oral communication?

a.Fred, who says, “People should talk as much as possible, so the other person feels no pressure to talk.”

b.Barney, who says, “Be sure to tell the speaker if her remarks don’t make sense.”

c.Wilma, who says, “Your primary concern is making sure what you are saying makes sense to yourself.”

d.Betty, who says, “A good time to be thinking about what you are going to say next is when the other person is talking.”




145.Which best describes proper linguistic turn-taking behavior?

a.Attempt to alternate as speaker and listener.

b.Only speak when spoken to.

c.The more you know, the longer it is proper to speak.

d.Try to nod approvingly when another person is taking a turn speaking.





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