131. Which of the following a health risk associated with

Question : 131. Which of the following a health risk associated with : 1411895


131. Which of the following is a health risk associated with alcohol?

A. Ulcer

B. Coma

C. Malnutrition

D. Hypertension

132. Which of the following is an overdose effect of MDMA (Ecstasy)?

A. Breathing difficulty

B. Convulsion

C. Extreme irritability

D. Brain damage

133. Loss of contact with reality is an overdose effect of:

A. lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

B. barbiturates.

C. tranquilizers.

D. caffeine.

134. _____ is as an altered state of consciousness or a psychological state of altered attention and expectation in which an individual is unusually receptive to suggestions.

A. Awareness

B. Transcendence

C. Hypnosis

D. Automaticity

135. In terms of states of consciousness, hypnosis involves a(n):

A. high degree of controlled processing.

B. strong defense against suggestibility.

C. state of altered attention and expectations.

D. unconsciousness similar to the state of deep sleep.

136. In a television reality show, Trevor, the host, puts one of his contestants in a trance and asks her to pretend to be a famous singer. The contestant starts singing with confidence even though she has never sung publicly before. The contestant is in a state of:

A. somniloquy.

B. somnambulism.

C. hypnosis.

D. meditation.

137. Laura decides to undergo hypnosis out of curiosity. She expects that hypnosis will result in a state of:

A. increased physical stamina.

B. heightened openness to suggestion.

C. improved perceptual skills.

D. elevated autonomic arousal.

138. Which of the following statements is true of hypnosis?

A. Individuals in a hypnotic state are hostile to external suggestions.

B. Widespread areas of the cerebral cortex are disabled when individuals are in a hypnotic state.

C. A hypnotic state is more similar to being relaxed and awake.

D. Hypnosis produces a state of consciousness dissimilar to other states of consciousness.

139. Janet is suffering from severe depression. She visits Dr. Garner, a psychotherapist, and tells him that she wants to relieve her anxiety. Dr. Garner tells her to concentrate on the ticking of her watch. He then tells her, “Your eyes are getting tired.” On hearing this, Samantha seems to feel drowsy and closes her eyes. In the session, Dr. Garner also says, “You are happy. Your life is full of positivity,” with which Samantha agrees. Dr. Garner is:

A. performing hypnosis on Janet.

B. helping Janet to meditate.

C. recording Janet’s dreams.

D. conducting a laboratory research.

140. People who are easily hypnotized usually:

A. can fall asleep easily.

B. can focus and concentrate without great effort.

C. can become deeply immersed in an imaginative activity.

D. have difficulty concentrating while reading or listening to music.



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