131. When _____ deviates from a(n) _____, managers must interpret the

Question : 131. When _____ deviates from a(n) _____, managers must interpret the : 1270915


131. When _____ deviates from a(n) _____, managers must interpret the deviation.

132. A(n) _____ is defined as any organizational department or unit under the supervision of a single person who is responsible for its activity.

133. A(n) _____ includes anticipated and actual expenses for each responsibility center and for the total organization.

134. A(n) _____ lists forecasted and actual revenues of the organization.

135. The _____ estimates receipts and expenditures of money on a daily or weekly basis to ensure that an organization has sufficient cash to meet its obligations.

136. The _____ lists planned investments in major assets such as buildings, trucks, and heavy machinery, often involving expenditures over more than a year.

137. In a traditional _____ approach, budgeted amounts for the coming year are imposed on middle- and lower-level managers.

138. A budgeting process in which middle and lower-level managers set departmental budget targets in accordance with overall company revenues and expenditures specified by top management is called _____ budgeting.

139. A budgeting process in which lower-level managers budget their departments' resource needs and pass them up to top management for approval is called _____ budgeting.

140. The _____ provides three types of information: assets, liabilities, and owners' equity.



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