13.1   Multiple Choice and Bimodal Questions 1) By what other name

Question : 13.1   Multiple Choice and Bimodal Questions 1) By what other name : 2039767

13.1   Multiple Choice and Bimodal Questions

1) By what other name is Kalimantan also known?

A) Borneo

B) Luzon

C) Java

D) The Malay Peninsula

E) Sumatra

2) What activity has placed the greatest pressure on the forests of Southeast Asia?

A) local people cutting hardwood trees to build homes

B) indigenous people clearing areas of the forest for agricultural use

C) powerful typhoons

D) industrial development and its resulting pollution

E) international commercial logging

3) Which of the following natural hazards is/are prevalent in the Philippines?

A) flooding

B) mudslides

C) typhoons

D) volcanoes

E) all of the above

4) What factors influence the climates of insular Southeast Asia?

A) a more complicated monsoon effect

B) the stronger influence of Pacific typhoons in the Philippines

C) the equatorial location of the Indonesian islands

D) A and B above

E) A, B,and C above

5) What factor causes Southeast Asia's role in climate change to be larger than it appears at first glance?

A) the region's rapidly growing industrial sector

B) deforestation's effect on greenhouse gases in the region

C) the region's equatorial location

D) the large number of islands in the region

E) the oil industry in the region

6) Why are none of the countries of Southeast Asia obligated to reduce their emission of greenhouse gases under the terms of the Kyoto Protocol?

A) The countries in the region have not ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

B) Their emissions are beneath the threshold required for action.

C) They are all officially classified as developing countries.

D) They have purchased carbon trading rights instead.

E) It is against their religious beliefs.

7) Tropical-forest hardwood logging in Southeast Asia

A) is conducted primarily in Vietnam.

B) has not yet become a significant environmental issue.

C) is often controlled by the government for economic reasons.

D) was most extensive during colonial times.

E) is rare.

8) High demand for this product in East Asia drives large-scale international logging in Southeast Asia.  

A) furniture

B) biofuels and charcoal

C) pharmaceuticals

D) wood veneer

E) plywood and paper pulp

9) What environmental damage is often caused by logging in Southeast Asia?

A) erosion

B) destruction of wildlife habitat

C) smoke pollution as cut over land is burned

D) increased flooding

E) all of the above

10) Which of the following factors did NOT contribute to recent air pollution in Southeast Asia?

A) A severe drought turned forests into tinderboxes.

B) Commercial logging includes burning to clear the land.

C) rapidly growing cities in Southeast Asia

D) release of toxic gases from a fertilizer factory

E) increasing automobile traffic


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