130) Sandy's Stores a small chain of grocery stores located

Question : 130) Sandy's Stores a small chain of grocery stores located

130) Sandy's Stores is a small chain of grocery stores located in a few neighboring towns. The stores have always been largely self-service, but the company is considering making a switch to full-service stores. Offer one possible reason why this move is justified.

131) Skincare company E&OE has realized that its customers are very loyal to the brand and play a large part in popularizing it by word of mouth. E&OE wants to leverage this customer loyalty by using it to generate sales outside its store format. How can E&OE achieve this?

132) Mal's father and grandfather ran Reynold's, a general store in the town of Bayswater. When Mal inherited the store, the town was expanding rapidly and a number of multinational franchisors showed interest in entering the town. Mal wants to turn Reynold's into a franchise of Blue Sun, a fast-food chain. What benefits can Mal gain from this move?

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