129) What a potential disadvantage of telecommuting? A) lack of time

Question : 129) What a potential disadvantage of telecommuting? A) lack of time : 1400255



129) What is a potential disadvantage of telecommuting?

A) lack of time for personal or family needs

B) job satisfaction may decrease

C) less time spent commuting

D) casual dress


130) Which of the following describes the effect of flexible work arrangements on employees?

A) increased job satisfaction

B) a drastic decrease in job satisfaction

C) a small decrease in job satisfaction

D) a sharp increase in job satisfaction

131) Which of the following is thought to best motivate professionals?

A) high pay

B) status and power within the organization

C) short hours and good working conditions

D) challenging problems and important work


132) Which of the following is NOT recognized as a way to motivate contingent workers?

A) promise of permanent employment in the future

B) opportunity for training

C) opportunity to develop marketable skills

D) opportunity to work alongside permanent employees


133) ________ can improve employee performance by sharing the financial circumstances of the organization with the employee.

A) Pay-for-performance

B) Open-book management

C) Equity management

D) Contingency management

134) Open-book management encourages employees to ________.

A) think like an owner

B) share their financial situations with management

C) make all top-level decisions for the organization

D) ignore the needs of the organization


135) What is a recognized way for a manager to motivate low-skilled, minimum-wage employees?

A) music in the workplace

B) employee recognition programs

C) threaten low-performing employees with losing their jobs

D) employee peer groups


136) In employee recognition programs, employees accumulate points for things such as ________.

A) recruiting new workers

B) whistle-blowing on corruption

C) increased productivity

D) not complaining about working conditions

137) Which of the following is NOT a common way that employee recognition programs recognize worker achievements?

A) added worker responsibilities

B) a party

C) a handwritten note of thanks

D) a public announcement of achievement


138) Compensation plans based on employee output or productivity are referred to as ________.

A) pay-for-performance programs

B) prize time programs

C) equity plus methods

D) give-back programs.



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