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Question : 124. The shipping clerk compares each line the shipping document

124. The shipping clerk compares each line on the shipping document to the items to be shipped, called ______________________________, to ensure that the shipment is accurate.

125. When a clerk enters the identification code for an entity, such as a customer, and the system retrieves data about that entity from the master data, we have the control plan called ______________________________.

126. For the control plan ______________________________ a data entry clerk enters an identification number, such as a customer number, and then examines the master data record displayed by the computer to determine that the correct identification number has been entered.

127. ______________________________ is a strategy for the capture and entry of event-related data using technology such as OCR, bar codes, RFID, and EDI.

128. A(n) ______________________________ can be applied to prenumbered documents to determine that all documents have been processed and that no extra documents have been processed.

129. A(n) ______________________________ reflects a summarization of any numeric data field within the input document or record, such as item numbers or quantities on a customer order.

130. We ______________________________ by reconciling totals prepared before a computer process has begun to totals prepared at the completion of the computer process. The totals may be prepared and reconciled either manually or by the computer.

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