12.2   True/False Questions Choose "T" if the statement True, or "F"

Question : 12.2   True/False Questions Choose "T" if the statement True, or "F" : 2039757

12.2   True/False Questions

Choose "T" if the statement is True, or "F" if the statement is False.  If the statement is false, rewrite the underlined word or phrase to make the statement true.

1) The authors of your text base their definition of the region of South Asia on the shared history of the region.

2) The most serious natural hazard in Bangladesh is volcanoes.

3) Among the countries of South Asia, the Maldives is likely to be most concerned about climate change.

4) Mumbai, India was the site of a 1984 explosion at a fertilizer factory that killed over 2,500 people.

5) After years of irrigation, soil salinization frequently becomes a serious environmental and agricultural problem.

6) The Green Revolution was an agricultural success, but an ecological and social failure.

7) The Punjab is considered to be the breadbasket of Sri Lanka.

8) The Green Revolution in South Asia relied in part on traditional varieties of crops.

9) The Himalayan Mountains lie south of South Asia.

10) The Himalayas were formed by volcanic activity.

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