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Question : 121.Which of the following statements about market commonality and resource


121.Which of the following statements about market commonality and resource similarity is true?

a.Market commonality has no influence on the likelihood of an attack.

b.Response similarity largely affects response capabilities.

c.Resource similarity has no influence on the likelihood of an attack.

d.When resource similarity is strong, the responding firm cannot match the strategic moves of the attacking firm.

e.A firm is more likely to attack firms with similar levels of resources.

122.As direct competitors, Verizon and AT&T would have:

a.a low degree of resource variability

b.a high degree of market commonality

c.a low degree of competitive inertia

d.a low degree of market commonality

e.a high degree of resource synergy

123.Under conditions of __________, a competitive attack by the stronger rival is more likely to produce sustained competitive advantage.

a.high market commonality

b.high competitive autonomy

c.high resource similarity

d.low resource similarity

e.low market commonality

124.In 1977, at age 23, Jake Burton Carpenter left a job at an investment firm to work in a wood shop where he developed the first marketable snow board.  Three decades later, he is the owner of Burton Snowboard, the leader in the $2.3 billion snow sports industry. Jake Burton Carpenter engaged in:

a.creating synergy

b.entrepreneurship marketing


e.portfolio analysis

125.In many urban areas, the hospital industry is very competitive. But some hospitals are using a(n) _____ strategy to distance themselves from their competition.  One such hospital is Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey.  Its new addition has well-lit private rooms and a staff trained in customer service by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel organization to attract aging baby boomers.






126.Liz Elting is the CEO of Transperfect Translations, a language translation service for businesses. She started the company in her dorm room in 1992. The company now includes 21 offices on three continents and employs 160 full-time employees and 4,000 certified language specialists worldwide with $35 million in revenue in 2004.  Elting used the firm-level strategy of _____.


b.adaptive strategy



e.related strategy

127.Patagonia is an outdoor-clothing and equipment company founded in the 1960s.  In 1993, it introduced the first fleece jackets made partly from discarded plastic soda bottles. In 2005, it helped to invent a process to reuse polyester repeatedly and began an apparel recycling program. In 2007, it developed a wetsuit constructed of a number of different environmentally friendly materials. Patagonia engages in:


b.environmental captaincy

c.intrapreneurship alliance

e.environmental reaction

128.Which of the following is NOT one of the five key dimensions that characterize an entrepreneurial orientation?




d.risk taking

e.competitive aggressiveness



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