121.When two-year-old Paco visiting his grandpa’s farm, he sees his

Question : 121.When two-year-old Paco visiting his grandpa’s farm, he sees his : 1408649



121.When two-year-old Paco is visiting his grandpa’s farm, he sees his first chicken. His grandpa points to the funny red growth on the chicken’s head and says, “It is called a comb.” What will Paco’s most likely reaction be the next time he sees a chicken?

a.He will refer to all barnyard birds as “chickens.”

b.He will refer to the bird as a “comb.”

c.He will refer to the bird as a “chicken.”

d.He will refer to the crest on the bird’s head as a “comb.”




122.Three-year-old Hamid knows what the words “cat” and “dog” mean. One day his babysitter comes in with a box of kittens and a hamster and says, “Isn’t he furry?” Since Hamid does not know the words “hamster” and “furry,” he will most likely

a.classify the hamster as a “cat.”

b.classify the hamster as a “dog.”

c.classify the hamster as a “furry.”

d.be unable to come up with a label for the hamster.




123.Five-year-old Brian hears the sentence, “Brian, quit clowning around.” He knows all the other words, but he has never heard the word “clowning” before. The fact that he understands that the word “clowning” must be referring to what he is currently doing is best explained as involving _____ cues.






124.Which is the best example of underextension?

a.Referring to a train as a “choo-choo”

b.Referring to all vehicles having four wheels as “trucks”

c.Using a single-word utterance (“car”) rather than telegraphic speech (“let’s ride in the car”)

d.Referring to the family cat as a “kitty” but not using the same name for any other animal (including other cats)




125.While visiting her grandma, Winona becomes somewhat restless. In an attempt to comfort Winona, her grandmother says, “Why don’t you play with the doll in my bedroom?” Winona goes to get the doll but returns crying and says, “That’s not doll. Doll has red hair and sleeps in my room.” Winona’s behavior is best explained by

a.the cardinality principle.

b.the primary circular reaction effect.

c.telegraphic speech.





126.When a word is used too broadly, ____ is taking place.






127.Ed knows what a horse is but has never seen nor heard of a camel. When Ed sees his first camel, he says “horsey.” Ed’s reaction is best explained by the process of


b.babbling.d.infant-directed speech.




128.What would be the most effective way to assess phonological memory in a two-year-old?

a.Say the name of a neighbor and ask her to name another neighbor.

b.Ask her to spell the word “dog.”

c.Say the word “kitty” and have her immediately repeat the word.

d.Ask her the name of her favorite toy.




129.Eighteen-month old Quentin’s large vocabulary appears to be due to his ability to recall and repeat any word that he just heard. This indicates that Quentin has an excellent ____ memory.






130.The best predictor of a large vocabulary in a young child is

a.exposure to a high-quality language environment.

b.parental IQ level.

c.the quality of a child’s motor skills.

d.preschool attendance.





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