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121.As a human resources manager for your company, you looking

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121.As a human resources manager for your company, you are looking for ways to motivate employees to favor your company over competitors. The company cannot afford to offer a wide array of benefits, but you are confident that if you survey employees and provide them the opportunity to vote on the benefits that are most important to them, they will see this as a fair and equitable way to operate. 

122.LivWell Biotechnology Company has four locations in California. You work as a marketing specialist at the oldest and southernmost location. Your colleagues at the three other locations get an hour off each day to work out because there are workout facilities at each of their locations. You know that you make a little more money than they do, but after measuring the cost of stopping off at the gym on your way home each evening, you realize that your extra compensation does not cover the cost of the membership. You are keeping tabs on marketing positions that may open at the company's other sites. Equity theory suggests that you are motivated to bring a sense of fairness to what you perceive as an inequity. 

123.You are a graduate student in the biology department at Fair University. You have several graduate student friends who have graduate appointments in the business department and the English department. While everyone's compensation and employee benefits are exactly the same, your department requires you to always show up and tutor students at least four hours each day and to serve on one university committee each semester. Graduate students at the other departments are not required by their management to follow these rules. Lately, you are doing your best to limit your daily obligation to 2 to 3 hours each day. Relating your situation to one of the theories we have studied, your goal of limiting inputs is explained by expectancy theory. 

124.As the marketing director for Chipper's Golf Resort, you are making plans for the annual golf tournament, and trying to decide on the amount for the top three prizes. In past years, you successfully raised $25,000 through registration fees and sponsorship. You know that you could easily attract some great local talent if you made the top prize $10,000, but can you afford to announce a $10,000 top prize at the expense of losing out on a portion of the registration fees of lesser players who decide not to participate? Using expectancy theory rationale that you learned in business class, you explain to the general manager that if you set the prize too high, several better than average golfers in the area will find their chances to be "out of their league" when the top players join in and will be unmotivated to participate and spend their money. Your analysis of the situation is reasonable to the general manager. 

125.As the marketing manager for Chipper's Golf Resort, you hired three interns from the local university to go out and sell your annual golf event. You provided each of the interns with their own list of past sponsors, participants, and prize contributors. You asked each to create a marketing plan to secure five new sponsors in the next four weeks, and promised them a bonus at the end of the fourth week if they could verify that they followed their own plan, contacted everyone on their list and also developed new sponsors. During the fourth week, you randomly contact a few sponsors on each of the three lists and quickly learn that one of the interns has slacked off on the job. As a motivational technique, you prefer to provide positive reinforcement, so when you meet with the interns, you withhold the bonus from the one that did not do the job and inform him that his internship grade will reflect the fact that he was not motivated to get the job done. 

126.Based on Herzberg's theory of motivators, job enrichment will motivate employees to satisfy higher-order needs. 

127.Job enrichment is based on Herzberg's higher motivators, such as responsibility, achievement, and recognition. 

128.Job enlargement is about breaking down a sizeable job into smaller parts so that the employee is not overwhelmed by a large task. 

129.Skill variety is one of the characteristics of work that lead to improved motivation and performance. 

130.Using job enrichment strategy, management can contribute to improved motivation and worker performance primarily by increasing employee pay. 



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