121. Which of the following statements true of effective coping

Question : 121. Which of the following statements true of effective coping : 1411831


121. Which of the following statements is true of effective coping with stress?

A. Hardiness increases stress and makes it difficult for a person to cope with it.

B. A sense of personal control is associated with ineffective coping with stress.

C. Multiple strategies often work better than a single strategy to cope with stress.

D. People who see problems as threats rather than challenges can cope with stress effectively.

122. Which of the following statements is true of stress management programs?

A. Effective stress management programs exclude cognitive-behavior therapy.

B. Coping effectively with stress is essential for good mental health but not for good physical health.

C. Establishing healthy habits and evaluating and changing behaviors that interfere with good health help avoid the damaging effects of stress.

D. Many organizations have become less motivated to help their workers cope with the stressful circumstances due to the cost of stress management programs.

123. Which of the following statements is true of the relationship between physical activity and health?

A. Physical exercise increases the levels of anxiety and depression.

B. Any activity that expends physical energy can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

C. All types of physical activity weaken individuals and make them unable to face potential stressors.

D. The more elderly people expend energy in daily activities, the shorter their life span.

124. Which of the following individuals will cope most successfully with stress?

A. Tara exercises regularly.

B. Jim spends most of his free time alone.

C. Sarah completely avoids eating fat and sugar.

D. Matt never lets anyone see him when he is angry.

125. Which of the following provides a protective effect on telomere length?

A. Habitual exercise

B. No exercise

C. Stress

D. Isolation

126. Which of the following activities is defined as one that increases heart rate and lung functioning?

A. Resistance

B. Aerobic

C. Weight lifting

D. All of these

127. All of the following are examples of aerobic exercise EXCEPT:

A. weight lifting.

B. jogging.

C. swimming.

D. cycling.

128. Which of the following activity will stimulate heart and lung activity?

A. Typing

B. Swimming

C. Sleeping

D. Drinking water

129. Aerobic exercise is defined as:

A. a form of physical activity that increases the production of CRH.

B. any weight-bearing activity.

C. physical activity that requires minimal movement.

D. sustained exercise that stimulates heart and lung activity.

130. In which of the following instances is the individual engaging in aerobic exercise?

A. Gary plays online games in his free time.

B. Henry goes swimming every day after work.

C. Mathew attends guitar classes every day after class.

D. Peter meditates every morning and evening.



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