121. The annual earnings of five employees of Concard Inc.

Question : 121. The annual earnings of five employees of Concard Inc. : 1411852


121. The annual earnings of five employees of Concard Inc. are: $19,000, $19,000, $23,000, $24,000, and $450,000. The mode of these five earnings is:

A. $19,000.

B. $23,000.

C. $450,000.

D. $107,000.

122. The heights of Ross, Matt, Martin, Jonah, and Jared are 6 feet, 5.8 feet, 5.5 feet, 6 feet, and 5.7 feet respectively. The median of these five heights is:

A. 5.7 feet.

B. 5.5 feet.

C. 5.8 feet.

D. 6 feet.

123. Liam, a psychology teacher, designs a questionnaire to determine the most preferred social media among students in his classroom. Which measure of central tendency should he use to get an accurate idea?

A. Range

B. Mode

C. Median

D. Mean

124. In descriptive statistics, range is a measure of:

A. central tendency that is the average for a sample.

B. dispersion that tells researchers about the standard deviation of a sample.

C. dispersion that is the difference between the highest and lowest scores.

D. central tendency that is the most common score in a sample.

125. _____ is a measure of dispersion that indicates how much scores in a sample vary around the mean of the sample.

A. Correlation coefficient

B. Median

C. Range

D. Standard deviation

126. In a class test, Keith, Ethan, Hannah, and Taylor score 5, 6, 2, and 3 respectively. The mean of these scores is 4. Therefore, the standard deviation of their scores is approximately:

A. 5.00

B. 3.92

C. 1.82

D. 10.00

127. In descriptive statistics, range and standard deviation are measures of _____.

A. regression

B. dispersion

C. central tendency

D. confidence level

128. _____ statistics are the mathematical methods that are used to indicate whether results for a sample are likely to generalize to a population.

A. Regressive

B. Differential

C. Descriptive

D. Inferential

129. When using inferential statistics in psychological research studies, the researcher learns:

A. how to conduct a correlational study.

B. how to test predictions about a sample.

C. the degree of bias in the data.

D. only the significant outcomes.

130. In inferential statistics, _____ means that the differences observed between two groups are large enough that it is highly unlikely that those differences are merely due to chance.

A. statistical significance

B. double-blind

C. random assignment

D. operational definition



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