12) Which of the following are tendon-related disorders

Question : 12) Which of the following are tendon-related disorders : 2135469

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

12) Which of the following are tendon-related disorders?

A) Synovitis

B) Ganglion cyst and peridentitis

C) Bursitis

D) All of the above

13) Which of the following can result from office automation?

A) Seeing double images

B) Whole-body tiredness

C) Dryness in the throat

D) All of the above

14) The total area within which the moving parts of a robot move is called:

A) Danger zone

B) Work envelope

C) Hazard zone

D) Restricted area

15) What makes robots more potentially dangerous than other machines?

A) Their ability to acquire intelligence through programming

B) Insufficient training for employees

C) Work design

D) None of the above

16) What two factors associated with automation lead to increased levels of stress?

A) Accommodation and convergence

B) Continual change and helplessness

C) Lacrimation and mechanization

D) Work design and "peopleless" design

17) Which of the following are requirements for the safe operation of automated vehicles in the workplace?

A) The vehicles be equipped with detection devices

B) Their pathways be clearly marked

C) Training be provided for employees who work near the vehicles

D) All of the above

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