11.Which of the following FALSE? a.The federal government the largest producer

Question : 11.Which of the following FALSE? a.The federal government the largest producer : 1774313

11.Which of the following is FALSE?

a.The federal government is the largest producer of marketing facts.

b.All businesses share a common problem of needing information.

c.The principal task of marketing is to increase profit.

d.When organizations implement the marketing concept effectively, they are said to have a market orientation.

e.All of the above are false.

12.The Handy Hand Tools Company commissioned a survey designed to determine whether homeowners prefer plastic or metal casings on electric screwdrivers.  The results of this survey will likely be used as input into decisions concerning which element of the marketing mix?






13.Which of the following is FALSE?

a.Problem-solving marketing research focuses only on short-term marketing decisions with respect to the marketing mix elements.

b.An attempt to determine the most efficient allocation of funding to various promotional activities is an example of marketing research.

c.A survey designed to identify the characteristics of light, average, and heavy users of detergent is an example of marketing research.

d.Videotaping computer users to understand the context of software use is an example of marketing research.

e.Visiting various restaurants and sampling different menu items in preparation for opening a new restaurant is an example of marketing research.

14.Which of the following is NOT a common activity of a marketing research department?

a.Measuring market potential.

b.Location analyses.

c.Creating new advertising.

d.Sales analyses.

e.Studying the competition's advertising.

15.Which of the following most accurately describes the marketing manager’s task?

a.The marketing manager’s essential task is to determine which one of the four marketing elements should be the focus of the company’s marketing plan.

b.The marketing manager adjusts the marketing mix element(s) with the customer as the main target.

c.The marketing manager’s task is simplified because the marketing task takes place within a controllable environment.

d.The marketing manager uses marketing research data solely for monitoring the effectiveness of current marketing practices.

e.All of the above accurately describe the marketing manager’s task.

16.The owner of Camille’s Calendar Company, upon realizing that the main distributors of the calendars produced by the company were limited to small gift shops, posed the following question:  Are there promising markets that we have not yet reached?  Such a question focuses on which aspect of marketing research?




d.Product placement

e.Distributorship selection

17.Marketing managers generally focus their efforts on the elements of the marketing mix, which include all of the following EXCEPT:





e.Both a and d

18.Which of the following currently uses market research?




d.Presidents of not-for-profits institutions

e.All of the above.

19.Which of the following is TRUE?

a.Survey responses are the firm’s formal communication link with the environment.

b.Marketing researchers are responsible for using information to make important decisions.

c.All business schools require students who are completing majors in marketing to take a marketing research course.

d.Opportunities in marketing research exist for people with a variety of skills.

e.All of the above are false.

20.Which of the following is NOT a common marketing research job title?


b.Senior Analyst

c.Market Research Director

d.Clerical Supervisor

e.Computer Operator

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