11.When first attempting to learn English as a second language,

Question : 11.When first attempting to learn English as a second language, : 1408638



11.When first attempting to learn English as a second language, Olga spends a great deal of time converting similar English sounds into Russian equivalents. Later, she spends more time generating new, non-Russian language ideas. Piaget would describe this change as involving


b.the one-to-one principle.d.implosion.




12.Dr. Eco has a strong belief that global warming is a theoretical myth. In recent years, however, the increased rate of polar ice cap melt has forced him to alter his theory, and he is now a strong advocate against greenhouse pollutants. A Piagetian would most likely describe Dr. Eco’s theoretical conversion in terms of

a.the one-to-one principle.c.equilibration.

b.overextension.d.abstract thinking.




13.What is the correct sequence (from first to last) of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development?

a.Preoperational, concrete operational, sensorimotor, formal operational

b.Sensorimotor, preoperational, formal operational, concrete operational

c.Sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational

d.Preoperational, sensorimotor, formal operational, concrete operational




14.According to Piaget, which statement is true regarding stages of thinking?

a.Sensorimotor and preoperational thinking must be completed before the concrete operational stage, but not before formal operational thinking.

b.Sensorimotor and preoperational thinking must be completed before the formal operational stage, but not before concrete operational thinking.

c.Thinking alternates between stages throughout development.

d.All stages must be accomplished in the correct order.




15.Bob is a normally developing 18-month-old. According to Piaget, Bob is most likely in the ____ period of cognitive development.

a.formal operationalc.concrete operational





16.Piaget argued that the first reactions by newborns were

a.indicators of an innate understanding of appearance as reality.


c.indicators of an innate understanding of object permanence.





17.Piagetians believe that an average child would first demonstrate the onset of intentional behavior when he or she is approximately

a.18 hours old.c.8 months old.

b.8 weeks old.d.18 months old.




18.Baby Lee has just discovered that banging on a big pot produces a loud sound. He then decides to bang on a small pot to see what happens. A Piagetian would predict that such active experimentation with the environment would be most likely to first emerge in a child who is

a.12 hours old.c.12 months old.

b.24 days old.d.24 months old.




19.The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” best exemplifies the Piagetian concept of

a.tertiary circular reaction.c.fast mapping.

b.the one-to-one principle.d.object permanence.




20.Six-month-old Teddy is playing with his favorite toy, a stuffed bear. Suddenly a blanket falls off the shelf and covers his bear. According to Piaget, Teddy would most likely

a.both reach for and search for the bear.

b.neither reach for nor search for the bear.

c.reach for but not search for the bear.

d.Search for but not reach for the bear.





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