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11.Today’s psychologists consider “drapetomania” to be a cruel and false diagnosis originating in the prevailing culture of the southern United States in the era of slavery.

12.An example of a cultural syndrome would be taijin kyofusho, a Japanese disorder in which a person has an intense fear that the body, its part, or its functions displease, embarrass, or are offensive to others.

13.Bulimia nervosa is a cultural syndrome that occurs primarily in the United States.

14.Projective tests can help clinicians establish rapport with their clients and can encourage clients to open up about anxieties and conflicts that might be difficult to discuss.

15.When different clinicians are given sample responses from the Rorschach Inkblot Test, they usually agree with one another regarding what the various responses mean.

16.Inventories are standardized objective questionnaires requiring written responses; they typically include scales on which people are asked to rate themselves.

17.One of the advantages of the MMPI over other assessment instruments is that it reflects differences among cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups when organizing disorders.

18.In many circumstances, such as encountering an aggressive dog, it is sensible to feel a state of apprehension and physical tension.

19.Realistic anxiety becomes abnormal when the fear and anxiety become detached from any actual danger or when the feelings continue after the danger has passed.

20.Generalized anxiety disorder is a state in which a person experiences high arousal, feelings of impending doom, and physiological symptoms, such as rapid breathing and dizziness.

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