11.To gain access to a formal criminal justice organization for

Question : 11.To gain access to a formal criminal justice organization for : 1774299

11.To gain access to a formal criminal justice organization for the purpose of conducting qualitative interviewing, which step should be followed?

a.find an informant and then send a letter to gain access

b.find a sponsor, send a letter, follow up with a phone call and then set up a meeting

c.telephone the agency and speak with the director and set up a meeting

d.field research cannot be done in formal criminal justice organizations because only the use of written records is allowed

12.A letter used to gain access to a formal organization should include all of the following topics except ____.

a.the purpose of your research

b.who is funding your research

c.the action that you request someone to do for you

d.name your sponsor within the organization

13.Probes are important tools for qualitative interviewing because they prompt participants to ____.

a.elaborate on responses by filling in more detail and depth

b.be careful when speaking

c.be concerned about others’ feelings

d.be concerned about time

14.The qualitative interview can also be thought of as a(n) ____.

a.well-designed survey

b.difficult exercise

c.purposeful conversation

d.expensive venture

15.Generalizability of qualitative studies is often limited by ___.

a.representative of the population

b.of sufficient size


d.of insufficient size

16.Audit trails consists of extensive logs of data, such as ____.

a.letters and phone calls



d.field notes and memos

17.Which statement is false regarding the use of field notes for recording observations?

a.field notes include what you are sure you have observed

b.field notes should not include unanticipated events

c.field notes should include what you think you observed

d.note taking can be done on standardized recording forms that you create prior to the start of the research

18.Which statement is NOT a guideline for good field note taking?

a.don’t trust your memory, write down as much as possible unobtrusively

b.develop your notes from sketchy to more detailed with rewrites

c.use only key words and phrases in your notes, you will remember the details at a later date

d.record as many details as you can right after each observation session

19.Environmental surveys are used for which research purpose?

a.determining the grounded theory

b.planning police strategies in drug enforcement and to assess the impact of those strategies

c.developing notes on graffiti and vandalism damage in an urban area

d.finding out green environment

20.Which statement is false with regard to field research?

a.It has greater validity and reliability than survey research.

b.It often involves theory creation.

c.It often combines observation and asking questions.

d.It can provide both qualitative and quantitative data.


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