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Question : 11.The research technology cycles and technological innovation applies only to


11.The research on technology cycles and technological innovation applies only to high-tech products developed in the bioengineering, robotics, and computer industries.

12.The term “innovation streams” refers to patterns of innovation over time that can create sustainable competitive advantage.

13.An innovation stream begins with a technological discontinuity, in which a scientific advance or a unique combination of existing technologies creates a significant breakthrough in performance or function.

14.Technological discontinuities are followed by discontinuous change characterized by technological substitution and design competition.

15.Dominant designs emerge because they solve a practical problem, as a result of the negotiations of independent standards bodies, or because of critical mass.

16.The same techniques for managing innovation work equally as well after technological discontinuities as during periods of incremental change.

17.A creative work environment requires organizational encouragement and supervisory encouragement, as well as work group encouragement.

18.According to the Doing the Right Thing box, a manager should give credit to his or her subordinates when departments develop innovative ideas.

19.The three parts of the experiential approach to innovation are design iterations, testing, and milestones.

20.If it is your business, it is perfectly okay to take the credit for your employee’s idea.



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