11.The key to sustaining a competitive advantage using information technology

Question : 11.The key to sustaining a competitive advantage using information technology : 1418649


11.The key to sustaining a competitive advantage is using information technology to continuously improve and support the core functions of a business.

12.The two basic methods of capturing information are continuous and periodic.

13.Bar codes and document scanners are common methods of electronically capturing data.

14.Association patterns are also called sequence patterns.

15.The term data mining refers to the process of discovering unknown patterns and relationships in large amounts of data.

16.Unsupervised data mining is unethical.

17.Data mining typically splits a data set in half, finds patterns in one half, and then tests the validity of those patterns by trying to find them again in the second half of the data set.

18.A data warehouse stores raw data that have been collected from a variety of sources for later use.

19.Protecting information is the process of ensuring that data are reliably and consistently retrievable in a usable format for authorized users but no one else.

20.The two activities necessary to properly secure data and data networks are the use of firewalls and antivirus software.



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