11.The functional unit of skeletal muscle a(n) ____________________, and these

Question : 11.The functional unit of skeletal muscle a(n) ____________________, and these : 1417098


11.The functional unit of skeletal muscle is a(n) ____________________, and these units attach end-to-end to form a(n) ____________________.

12.The gradation of whole-muscle tension depends on the number of ____________________ that are stimulated.

13.The contractile response of a muscle fiber to a single action potential is called a(n) ____________________.

14.A(n) ____________________ is a motor neuron and all the muscle fibers it recruits.

15.The only energy source that can be used directly by the contractile machinery of a muscle fiber is ____________________.

16.In a state of ____________________, a muscle cannot maintain any kind of tension.

17.Twitch summation is similar to the ____________________ summation of EPSPs.

18.The immediate source for supplying additional ATP at the onset of exercise is ____________________.

19.For every muscle there is an optimal length at which maximum ____________________ is achieved.

20.The _________-__________ component is the noncontractile tissue part of a muscle.


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