11.The ____________________ the layer of the eye that contains the

Question : 11.The ____________________ the layer of the eye that contains the : 1417051


11.The ____________________ is the layer of the eye that contains the photoreceptor cells.

12.The iris consists of layers of ____________________ and ____________________ smooth muscle fibers.

13.The two major components of the ciliary body are the ____________________, which regulates the strength of the lens, and a capillary network that produces ____________________, which moves through the pupil.

14.The point of the retina with the most distinct vision is the ____________________, and it is located within a specific region of the retina called the ____________________.

15.____________________ is the bending of light rays as they pass from one medium to another.

16.The eye structure with the greatest refractive ability is the ____________________.

17.The refractive structure of the eye that has the ability to change its strength is the ____________________.

18.Myopia is another name for ____________________, whereas ____________________ is the name for a reduction in accommodative ability.

19.The ____________________ is the region of the retina where rods and cones are absent.

20.Rods and cones have a G protein called ____________________.


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