11.Students with ________________ capable of handling the demands of most

Question : 11.Students with ________________ capable of handling the demands of most : 1987673

11.Students with ________________ are capable of handling the demands of most classroom settings, even though some of these students may need some modifications to perform successfully.

a.visual loss

b.visual impairments


d.low vision

P233, R, D1

12.Which of the following statements is true of both hearing and visual impairments?

a.The numbers increase as a result of the aging process.

b.The impairment presents unique challenges to educators.

c.Students may be placed anywhere along the full continuum of placement options.

d.All of the above

P233, R, D3

13.Which of the following is a metabolic disorder in which the pancreas cannot produce sufficient levels of insulin to process food?

a.Asperger syndrome

b.Prader-Willi syndrome


d.Muscular dystrophy

P249, R, D1

14The prognosis for recovery for individuals with traumatic brain injury

a.is poor due to the permanent nature of the injury.

b.is good given that the brain regenerates itself.

c.is guarded though predictable.

d.depends on many variables (e.g., severity, location, and extent of injury).

P242, R, D1

15.Which of the following is a relatively common condition characterized by repetitive episodes of coughing, and shortness of breath?

a.cystic fibrosis


c.asymptomatic bronchitis

d.none of the above

P244, R, D1

16.Which of the following is a disorder of movement and muscle coordination that is due to brain damage?

a.muscular dystrophy

b.muscular atrophy

c.cerebral palsy

d.spina bifida

P253, R, D1

17. Which of the following is an inherited disease that results in abnormal amounts of mucus throughout the body.


b.cystic fibrosis

c.chronic bronchitis

d.Asperger syndrome

P248, R, D1

18.Which of the following is a condition in which there is a malformation of the vertebrae and spinal cord?

a.spina bifida

b.neural muscular atrophy

c.degenerative neural disease

d.occulta degeneration

P253, R, D1

19.A condition involving motor and/or vocal tics is:

a.cerebral palsy

b.spina bifida

c.Tourette syndrome

d.muscular dystrophy

P255, R, D1

20.Which of the following is the most accurate regarding traumatic brain injury?

a.Traumatic brain injury is an external insult to the brain that can affect psychological and cognitive abilities, speech and language, physical functioning and personal and social behaviours.

b.Traumatic brain injury can be caused by prenatal insult, exposure to environmental toxins such as lead poisoning, and fetal alcohol syndrome.

c.The numbers of children and youth with traumatic brain injury has been decreasing in recent years.

d.Traumatic brain injury progressively worsens as time passes following the injury.

P242, R, D2

21.Which of the following is not linked to visual impairments:

a.             premature birth

b.             trauma

c.             diabetes

  1.          sickness

P232-234, A D2

22.What are the 2 fastest growing groups that are contracting HIV/AIDS?

a.             young adults

b.             adults over 30

c.             infants and teenagers

d.             people in their 40s

P252, R, D1

23.What are some signs that a student may be suffering from Tourette Syndrome                            a. .              incomplete work or poor quality of written work

b. inattentive and/or distracted in class and difficulty obtaining and understanding verbal instruction

c.disorganized work space and work

e.             all of the above

P255, R, D1

24.Staring spells, tic like movements, rhythmic movements of the head, purposeless sounds and body movements, head dropping, lack of response, eyes, rolling inward and chewing and swallowing movements are all signs of

a.             Cystic Fibrosis

b.             Cerebral Palsy

c.             Juvenile Diabetes

d.             Epilepsy

P249, R,D1

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