11.Some researchers have found evidence that the longer a person 

Question : 11.Some researchers have found evidence that the longer a person  : 1416013



11.Some researchers have found evidence that the longer a person  is unemployed, the higher the person’s risk for suicide.



12.There is considerable evidence that workforce reduction programs ultimately achieve their objectives of cutting costs.


(ultimately fail to achieve their objectives)


13.Work redesign is a short-term strategy, whereas workforce reduction is a medium-term strategy.


(medium-term strategy and short-term strategy respectively)


14.Outsourcing refers to the re-absorbing of excess or inappropriately placed workers into a restructured organization.




15.Downsizing may be considered a breach of the unwritten employment contract between employers and their employees.


(psychological contract)


16.Inplacement provides a program of counselling and job-search assistance for workers who have been terminated.




17.Asking employees to take voluntary sabbaticals is one medium-term solution to avoid downsizing.



18.When rationalizing decisions about downsizing, many managers will rely on economic, accounting, and revenue-based rationales.



19.Distributive justice refers to the rules used to determine which employees will be downsized.


(procedural justice)


20.Negative consequences of downsizing might be minimized with greater communication and employee participation.



21.Research evidence indicates that downsizing creates job insecurity and low job satisfaction, which are related to greater safety compliance because employees do not wish to be hurt on the job.


(less safety compliance)


22.One issue that has received little attention is the effect of downsizing on the organization’s reputation for corporate social responsibility.


(reputation for corporate social performance – RCSP)


23.Downsizing can be linked to less innovation and more protection of one’s turf.








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