11.Sixteen-year-old Ravi works with his peers an activity of mutual

Question : 11.Sixteen-year-old Ravi works with his peers an activity of mutual : 1987684

11.Sixteen-year-old Ravi works with his peers on an activity of mutual interest (e.g., photography). This arrangement is known as


b.curriculum compacting

c.cluster grouping

d.heterogeneous grouping

P275, A, D2

12.When using cooperative grouping, the teacher should

a.expect the student who is gifted to assume leadership in the group

b.be careful that the bulk of the work does not fall on the student who is gifted

c.watch that other students do not mimic the behaviour of the student with special gifts

d.not assign the student who is gifted to such a group

P276, R, D1

13.A helpful assessment technique used in many school systems is

a.portfolio assessment

b.genetic assessment

c.Renzulli assessment

d.Clark differentiated student production

P267, R, D1

14.Which of the following statements reflects a common misconception about giftedness?

a.Students who are gifted are socially inept.

b.Most students who are gifted like school.

c.Most students who are gifted are well adjusted.

d.Students who are gifted perform at a remarkably high level without special education of any kind.

P282, R, D1

15.Which theorist developed a model that comprises seven kinds of intelligence?





P262, R, D1

16.A differentiating characteristic of giftedness is

a. reduced ability in comprehension

b.advanced comprehension

c.inability to generate creative ideas

d.unusual aloofness in social interactions

P265, R, D2

17.Classroom behaviours of gifted children include

a.non-participation in class discussions

b.dislike of debating issues

c.asking a lot of questions

d.difficulty understanding abstract concepts

P268, R, D2

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