11.Research shows that as early as two months of age,

Question : 11.Research shows that as early as two months of age, : 1408652



11.Research shows that as early as two months of age, infants can recall past events.



12.The quality of an autobiographical memory can be influenced by culture.



13.A good way to improve the eyewitness testimony of children is to warn them that an interviewer may sometimes try to trick them.



14.A child using the one-to-one principle to count would always begin counting starting with the number one.



15.An individual using guided participation would pair up a less skilled student with a more skilled student on some structured activity.



16.Private speech is a form of verbal communication a child uses when talking to his or her best friend.



17.The unique sounds that can be joined to create words are called phonemes.



18.Newborns appear to have the ability to hear the entire range of phonemes for every language on Earth.



19.Coo sounds are composed of a single consonant sound.



20.During underextension, a word is used too broadly.



21.Phonological memory is defined as the ability to recall a visual image after the passage of time.



22.An expressive style vocabulary consists of many names for people, objects, and actions.



23.In English, “-ing” and “-ed” represent grammatical morphemes.



24.According to the linguist perspective, children are born with some mechanism that simplifies the acquisition of grammar.



25.Effective oral communication involves taking turns and paying attention to other speakers.




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