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11.Learning-based planning makes the same assumptions as traditional planning.

12.Encouraging worker participation in goal setting, making goals public, and getting top management’s support are all recommended ways to increase goal commitment.

13.Planning works best when the goals and action plans at the bottom and middle of the organization support the goals and action plans at the top of the organization.

14.Developing a purpose statement is the sole responsibility of middle management.

15.Yahoo’s mission statement contains the strategic objective “to connect people to their passions, their communities, and the world’s knowledge. To ensure this, Yahoo offers a broad and deep array of products and services to create unique and differentiated user experiences and consumer insights by leveraging connections, data, and user participation.” This is not a good strategic objective because it lacks a finish line and a time frame.

16.A purpose statement, which is often referred to as an organizational mission or vision, is a statement of a company’s purpose or reason for existing.

17.Tactical plans specify how a company will use resources, budgets, and people to accomplish specific goals related to its strategic objective for the next five years.

18.Tactical plans and objectives are used to direct behavior, efforts, and attention over the next six months to two years.

19.Management by objectives (MBO) is so successful because it allows managers to focus on qualitative goal setting.

20.Management by objectives is a two-step process in which managers and their employees discuss possible goals, and then meet regularly to review progress toward accomplishment of those goals.



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