11.Children with Asperger Syndrome experience a. loss of language b.impairment in nonverbal

Question : 11.Children with Asperger Syndrome experience a. loss of language b.impairment in nonverbal : 1987667

11.Children with Asperger Syndrome experience

a. loss of language

b.impairment in nonverbal language

c.muscle weakness

d.difficulty with self-help skills

P 201, R , D1

12._________________ is a genetic disorder on the X chromosome.


b.Asperger syndrome

c.Fetal alcohol syndrome

d.Rett syndrome

P 201, R, D1

13.Characteristics of autism include

a.inability to relate to others

b.muscle atrophy


d.good use of functional language

P 200, R, D2

14.Maternal consumption of alcohol during pregnancy causes





P 214, R, D1

15.In northeastern Manitoba, the estimated occurrence of FAS is ________ in 1000 live births.





P 214, R, D1

16.FAS is diagnosed by a _______________________.

a.medical doctor

b.resource teacher

c.occupational therapist

d.school psychologist

P 214, R, D1

17.Characteristics of FAS include

a.splinter skills

b.central nervous system damage

c.repetitive movement

d.preoccupation with parts of objects

P 216, R, D1

18._____________________ develop over time for persons with FAS when there is a mismatch between the person and the environment.

a.Primary disabilities

b.Secondary disabilities

c. Tertiary disabilities

d.Organic disabilities

P 216, R, D1

19._____________________________ is a way of conduct that meets the standards of personal independence and social responsibility expected from the cultural and chronological age group.

a.A code of conduct

b.A concept

c.An educational plan

d.Adaptive behaviour

P 217, R, D1

20.Individuals with neurological impairment may

a.not react to their physical environment

b.require unstructured environments

c.react atypically to their physical environment

d.require loud, boisterous environments

Pp 216, R, D1

21.Using a checklist to keep track of steps involved in routines, teaching them to manage their time, establishing classroom routines and using consistence are part of what intervention techniques pertaining to students with FASD

a)            developing effective routines

b)            teaching social and adaptive skills

c)            structuring the learning environment

d)            generalizing new skills and concepts

P217, R, D1

22.A critical concern in the field of ASD is

a.parenting styles

b.sibling rivalry

c.school refusal

d.early identification


23.Individuals with neurological impairments may demonstrate difficulties generalizing new skills and concepts to

a.friends and family


c.a variety of settings


P217, R, D1

24.Children with autism are difficult to identify because

a.they display many characteristics of other disabilities

b.they do not attend school

c.they do not require medical attention and do not see a physician

d.they do not have distinguishing characteristics

P202, R, D1

25.When communicating with persons with ASD

a.present more information in auditory format

b.present more information in visual format

c.present more information in sign language

dpresent more information in digital format

P208, R, D2

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