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Question : 11.Bill Gates, in a talk at the Computer History Museum


11.Bill Gates, in a talk at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, said to the interviewer, “Microsoft has had competitors in the past. It’s a good thing we have museums to document this stuff.”  If this were really the case, Microsoft would:

a.believe that it had a permanent sustainable competitive advantage

b.never experience competitive inertia

c.never need to conduct a situation analysis

d.operate as if competitive advantages were unnecessary

e.locate more imitable resources

12.Which of the following is a condition that must be met if a firm’s resources are to be used to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage?


b.imperfectly imitable resources


d.entrepreneurial orientation

e.a matrix organizational structure

13.Bank of America is the largest commercial bank in the United States.  Would this give it a sustainable competitive advantage?

a.yes, because it would make its operations synergistic, because size is not a criterion for sustainable competitive advantage, because large institutions make less effective use of resources, because large organizations are always targeted for antitrust activities

e.yes, because size is directly and positively related to efficiency

14.According to the text, valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable resources can produce sustainable competitive advantage only if they are __________ resources.






15.When making travel plans, many tourists have selected Thomas Cook, a British tour operation, because they perceive the tour company as being superior to all others.  No other tour service can duplicate the customer service and satisfaction that Thomas Cook has provided over its years of operation.  Thomas Cook has apparently created a sustainable competitive advantage by using __________ resources.






16.While QVC was not the first home shopping television show, it has become the most successful.  The company has had a 14 percent growth rate since 1996.  The company attributes its success to its inimitable ability to create blend entertainment and retailing. Other cable television networks have tried unsuccessfully to recreate QVC’s ability to make retailing entertainment.  This ability indicates that QVC uses _____ resources to its advantage.






17.Sherre McMahon is the inventor and manufacturer of Shooks—a product that extends the length of any necklace.  Her method is patented, which means she has a _____ resource.






18.The first step in the strategy-making process is to:

a.assess the need for strategic change

b.conduct a situation analysis

c.choose strategic alternatives

d.evaluate the impact of changes on the internal environment

e.create a strategic budget

19.NTL is the largest cable company in the United Kingdom.  The company has recently declared bankruptcy and needs to engage in restructuring in order to give the company more flexibility and to allow it to raise capital.  Since it has identified the need for strategic change, what would be the organization’s next step in this strategy-making process?

a.finding the optimal strategic solution


c.conducting focus groups

d.assessing the need for strategic change

e.conducting a situation analysis

20.Royal Dutch Shell stunned Wall Street in 2005 when it suddenly announced it was missing more than $60 billion in oil and gas reserves.  Industry analysts were not surprised because they have continually criticized the company’s accounting techniques.  In terms of the strategy-making process, Royal Dutch Shell would have discovered this shortage when it:

a.looked at its strategic alternatives

b.sought to develop more competitive advantages

c.conducted a situational analysis

d.assessed the need for strategic changes

e.created a strategy to avoid competitive myopia



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