11)An array, when instantiated, fixed in size, but an ArrayList

Question : 11)An array, when instantiated, fixed in size, but an ArrayList : 2015390

11)An array, when instantiated, is fixed in size, but an ArrayList can dynamically change in size when new elements are added to it.

12)If a and b are both int arrays, then a = b; will copy all elements of b into a.

13)Since a binary search is faster, there is no reason to use a linear search over a binary search.

14)Each pass of a binary search eliminates approximately half the remaining elements from consideration.

15)An O(n2) algorithm is faster than an O(n) algorithm for large values of n.

16)The time efficiency of an algorithm is the number of milliseconds it takes the algorithm to complete.

17)The insertion sort and selection sort algorithms have space efficiency O(n).

18)A hash table is an array whose indices are not integers.

19)A hash function calculates the index an element should be stored at in a hash table.

20)The input to a hash function is usually the data item itself.

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