111.Which statement best characterizes the general trends in global politics

Question : 111.Which statement best characterizes the general trends in global politics : 1402813


111.Which statement best characterizes the general trends in global politics since the middle part of the 20th century?

a.More countries than ever find themselves in a state of transitional politics

b.The number of democracies has risen sharply since the 1990s while the number of autocracies has decreased dramatically.

c.There are fewer countries overall now than there were in 1950

d.Autocracies have been steadily rising while democracies have been steadily declining.

112.Nations that are unable to maintain domestic peace or prevent the predations of drug barons, tribal warlords, or independent militias, and whose domestic tranquility is continually threatened by ethnic or religious strife, guerilla movements, and extreme corruption and criminality are known as:

a.Failed states

b.Communist states

c.Emergent democracies

d.Military regimes

113.Which of the following states is NOT at great risk of being declared a failed state?





114.The three most important early factors in identifying a failed state include each of the following EXCEPT:

a.high inequality due to uneven development

b.religious totalitarianism

c.a corrupt or delegitimized state

d.demographic pressures from refugees or displaced peoples

115.The concept of a political power structure has been criticized because

a.conclusions are based on surveys

b.conclusions are at odds with observations

c.interview data are notoriously unreliable

d.conclusions do not account for people’s actions when determining who has power

116.Recent political scandals involving the energy industry in the U.S. (e.g., Enron, British Petroleum) lend support for which concept?

a.military socialization

b.charismatic authority

c.the power-elite thesis

d.failed state

117.With a total defense budget of $419 billion in 2006, which statement best characterizes our military spending?

a.As the world’s only superpower we now spend more on defense than all of our allies combined.

b.Our defense budget is at or near the bottom of other industrialized nations.

c.Our defense budget is projected to decline in the coming years.

d.The U.S. spends as much as all but three other countries on defense.

118.While colonial powers, including the United States, have found it relatively easy to conquer less industrialized and militarized people, what has proven nearly impossible?

a.building up a system of trade with those countries

b.helping them to rebuild

c.ruling the conquered people in a way they viewed as legitimate

d.extracting raw goods and resources from the country

119.Which of the following countries are NOT considered a democracy or emerging democracy?


b.United States



120.Which of the following countries could be considered to operate as absolutist regimes?

a.Afghanistan and Iran

b.United States, Canada, France

c.Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland

d.Chile, Mali, Philippines

121.Failed states contribute to all of the following problems EXCEPT

a.forced migration of displaced peoples

b.global warming

c.regional violence


122.Interactionists take the position that political institutions are


b.socially constructed

c.the result of power struggles

d.functional for society

123.The first televised presidential debate took place in 1960 between

a.Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy

b.Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale

c.Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower

d.Bill Clinton and George Bush

124.Sociologists refer to the person who is well informed about political and current events and who will sway those around him/her as

a.a demagogue

b.an opinion leader

c.a charismatic leader

d.a revolutionary



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