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111.Which of the following statements about corporate cultures is true?

a.Corporate cultures are dynamic creations that respond positively to change.

b.Corporate culture are unaffected by changes in perks, office layouts, or work relationships.

c.Corporate cultures are very difficult to change.

d.Any manager who wants to modify a corporate culture must follow the cultural change plan, which begins with employee input and ends with behavioral addition and/or substitution.

e.Corporate culture change is significantly easier with behavioral addition than with behavioral subtraction.

112.Milsand Corp. used office cubicles for its employees. Each employee had a 6-foot-square office with walls that do not go all the way to the ceiling. Employees were not allowed to personalize their cubicles. If Milsand wanted to change its organizational culture, it could begin by:

a.creating a new human resources department

b.hiring a cultural ombudsman

c.adhering to affirmative action regulations

d.allowing employees to personalize their cubicles everyone raises

113.Which of the following is a strategy recommended for changing organizational culture?

a.allow employees to personalize their offices

b.use behavioral substitution and behavioral addition job applicants with appropriate values and beliefs

d.eliminate the company dress code

e.all of these


Coca-Cola is one of the most respected companies in the world.  The company has earned this reputation through what it calls "citizenship initiatives," which range from funding a floating library on the Amazon River to building schools in China to renovating a museum in St. Petersburg.  However, Coca-Cola faces several ongoing challenges.  Most serious is the allegation that by encouraging people to drink sugary carbonated drinks, Coke shares responsibility for the obesity epidemic.  Another problem is rising anti-American sentiment furthered by resentment against U.S. foreign policy.  One of the accolades of which Coke is proudest is praise from the environmental group Greenpeace for phasing out cooling equipment that released greenhouse gases. The company's spokesperson said, "By listening to people, we have the opportunity to make our company better."


114.Refer to Coca-Cola.  The change Coke made at the request of Greenpeace was an example of a change in the _____ component of its environment.






115.Refer to Coca-Cola. The growing concern about obesity is a(n) _____ component in Coke’s general environment.






116.Refer to Coca-Cola. U.S. foreign policy is a(n) _____ component in Coke’s general environment.






117.Refer to Coca-Cola. Greenpeace would be an example of a(n):

a.advocacy group

b.boundary-spanning organization

c.component of Coke’s general environment

d.consumer lobbying group


118.Refer to Coca-Cola. _____ would allow Coke to watch for additional threats and opportunities in its environment.

a.Environmental certainty

b.Observational analysis

c.Environmental scanning

d.A market audit

e.Internal situational analysis

119.Refer to Coca-Cola.  Coke could use _____ to summarize the perceived relationships between environmental factors and possible organizational responses.

a.cognitive maps

b.perceptual maps

c.response matrices

d.behavioral graphs

e.response hierarchies

120.Refer to Coca-Cola.  Coke’s devotion to humanitarian efforts is part of the company’s:

a.general environment

b.cognitive response

c.specific environment

d.internal environment

e.affective response



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