111.On her way to visiting Malaysia for the first time,

Question : 111.On her way to visiting Malaysia for the first time, : 1408666



111.On her way to visiting Malaysia for the first time, Joan wonders what the people there will expect from her during their interactions. Joan is concerned about

a.dispositional praise.c.altruism.

b.prosocial behavior.d.social roles.




112.The reason that students are expected to act differently than professors is because they represent different

a.prosocial behaviors.c.gender identities.

b.social roles.d.gender stereotypes.




113.Male and female social roles are

a.virtually identical.c.culturally defined.





114.Gender-role stereotypes involve beliefs that

a.are never true.

b.are always true.

c.are always true, but only in a specific culture.

d.are sometimes true.




115.Phil believes that all women are emotional, physically weak, and interested in cooking. Phil’s beliefs about women would best be described as

a.a social role.c.accurate.

b.altruistic.d.a gender stereotype.




116.Which person is most likely using a gender stereotype to describe Erin?

a.Elvis: “Erin is mean. I saw her push someone on the playground.”

b.Graham: “Erin really likes cooking. Every week, she bakes a batch of cookies and brings them to class.”

c.Roddy: “Erin is like all females, intelligent and understanding.”

d.Christopher: “Erin is different from anyone else I have ever met, she is really weird.”




117.Gender stereotypes influence behavior by providing

a.an explanation for biological differences between males and females.

b.accurate sex-based information.

c.the world with a set of universal guidelines.

d.a set of behavioral expectations.




118.If he is like most preschoolers, Dougie is likely to believe that girls are

a.physically aggressive.c.verbally aggressive.

b.strong and dominant.d.capable of playing football.




119.Which description of the sex difference in spatial ability is the most accurate?

a.Most boys perform better on tests of spatial ability than the brightest girl.

b.Girls perform better on tests of spatial ability than boys.

c.Girls and boys score equally on tests of spatial ability.

d.Average tests scores of spatial ability are higher for boys than girls.




120.Concerning social roles, female activities are typically more


b.solitary.d.outside the home.





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