111. refers to messages sent through human actions and behaviors

Question : 111. refers to messages sent through human actions and behaviors : 1402288


111.     refers to messages sent through human actions and behaviors rather than through words.

112.A(n)    is a team communication structure in which team members communicate through a single individual to solve problems or make decisions.

113.In a(n)     network, individuals can communicate freely with other team members.

114.The amount of information that can be transmitted during a communication episode is known as    .

115.     messages are typically ambiguous, concern novel events, and impose great potential for misunderstanding.

116.     involves the skill of grasping both facts and feelings to interpret a message's genuine meaning.

117.     channels are those that flow within the chain of command or task responsibility defined by the organization.

118.     refers to the messages and information sent from top management down to subordinates.

119.The major problem with downward communication is known as communication    .

120.Formal     includes messages that flow from the lower to the higher levels in the organization's hierarchy.



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