111) Job sharing a work arrangement in which employees work

Question : 111) Job sharing a work arrangement in which employees work



111) Job sharing is a work arrangement in which employees work at a place other than the traditional office, such as a satellite branch closer to their homes or, in some cases, at home.


112) Flexplace is a work arrangement in which two or more people share a single full-time job. For instance, two college students might share the same 40-hour-a-week job, one working mornings and the other working afternoons.


113) One of the surest ways to kill high performance is simply to fail to recognize it and the employees responsible for it.


114) Praise, recognition and daily demonstrations of respect for an individual can be displayed on a regular basis at absolutely no cost.

115) Despite all of the modern communication tools available, the grapevine, the informal lines of communication that exist in every company, remains a non-important link in a company's communication network.


116) The second objective of a job analysis is to create a job specification, a written statement of the qualifications and characteristics needed for a job stated in such terms as education, skills, and experience.


117) In an interview, Close-ended questions are most effective because they encourage candidates to talk.


118) Many skilled interviewers use the job analysis to explain the nature of the job and the company's culture to the applicant.


119) In so many cases where teams prove to be ineffective the answer can be found in an entrepreneur that did not structure and create teams that could be expected to succeed.


120) Companies that have used teams successfully still pay members individually, but they make successful team work a major part of an individual's performance review.



121) The primary reasons employees usually don't do what they are expected to do has a lot to do with their motivation and desire to work.


122) One reason employees usually don't do what they are expected to do is because they lacked the skills to perform the task.


123) Knowing that employees are "connected" through the grapevine allow business owners to send out ideas to obtain reaction making a formal announcement.


124) As an incentive for workers to learn to perform other jobs within an operation, some companies offer skill-based pay, a system under which the more skills workers acquire, the more they earn.


125) Continuous feedback, both positive and negative, is a much less effective way to improve employees' performances and to increase their motivation.



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